Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Yarn of the Month

I was very honoured recently when TUT was named yarn of the month by Loop, London. Loop having been stocking my exclusive BFL Light DK base for a few months now and it has proved very popular. It's always lovely to see such a great reaction to my yarn but this made me especially excited.

BFL Light DK is a 100% British Bluefaced Leicester and is smooth, soft and lustrous. Bluefaced Leicester is a strong, resilient yarn that can be worn right next to the skin. This yarn can be used for patterns that call for either Sport or DK weight yarn and each 100g skein comes with 246 yards (225 meters). It’s perfect for baby items, shawls, garments and socks.

Two recent projects knit with this base really caught my eye so I wanted to share them with you. First there is this really sweet one skein project that WesternAvenue knit up in the colourway 'Confetti'. The pattern is called 'Norby' and was designed by Gudrun Johnston for Brooklyn Tweed's 'Wool People 2' collection. The pattern itself calls for one skein of fingering weight so WesternAvenue adapted the pattern to work for this heavier and loftier base by casting on for less pattern repeats. The result is wonderful and really showcases the smooth quality of the yarn perfectly.I can imagine getting lots of wear from this finished object.

The second project is one that I've been watching progress ever since I saw the work in progress pictures appear on Ravelry. Alliecatsmama has been knitting up her take on Veera Valimaki's 'Shift of Focus' pattern and her notes were full of her excitement for both the pattern and the yarn. Alliecatsmama posted this attention grabbing teaser picture a few weeks ago and I couldn't wait to see the finished item. The garter stitch of the design really showcased the moody tones in the 'charred' colourway and Stephanie's final choice of buttons were a perfect compliment. The final pictures are wonderful and I was even more blown away by the finished item. Well done Stephanie!

Don't forget, you can purchase the exclusive BFL DK Light base here at Loop.



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