Friday, 8 June 2012

Revving up....

... for the Ravelympics!

Have you seen this post on the TUT Ravelry group? We're thinking about creating a TUT Ravelympics group for the upcoming event.

For those of you who have never participated in the games before, the idea is to challenge yourself by starting and finishing one or more projects during the Olympics. This summer, London is hosting during the period of July 27th - August 12th and the Ravelympics start from the lighting of the beacon at the opening ceremony. For more details, visit the official FAQs on Ravelry and start planning your goal to reach.

I have been lucky enough to get tickets for the athletics so I might get to do some real life knitting at the Olympics. I haven't decided what my 'challenge' will be yet but I know it's going to be lots of fun. Let me know your plans and whether you'd like to join in!

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