Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Never Ending Socks

I have been working on a pair of socks for some time and I thought I should confess all here as to be honest, they're taking forever. I don't knit socks that often as I really like garments and shawls but I made an exception for the Delicious Knee High Socks by Laura Chau.

I'm knitting these two at a time as I don't think I would ever finish them otherwise- I would definitely suffer from second sock syndrome if I'd knit these one at a time! I tried to knit a pair of knee high socks once before but they were cuff down and have been hibernating in my WIPs pile ever since. I've been really ambitious and decided that my second ever pair of socks are going to be a pair of over the knee socks. I know, it seemed like such a good idea too!

I'm actually doing really well. I have knit past the heel and now I am working my way up the leg and have just started the ribbing that should take me over the knee. However, that's a lot of ribbing and I'm wondering if just below the knee might be cuter?

The yarn I'm using is my own sock base 'Lush Sock' in the really popular 'Brassica' colourway. It's bright and cheerful and goes wonderfully with the Tosh Merino Light 'Patina' that I'm using as contrast. I just hope I can keep going!

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  1. go ce go!!! 2 at a time is a great idea. they'll be absolutely gorgeous when they're finished - such a great colour!