Friday, 23 March 2012

All about the Lace

The Uncommon Thread Ravelry group is very active and we have lots of knit-alongs that are great for inspiration and getting sociable with your knitting. The current knitalong is running from 1st March - 30 April 2012 and is LACE. In order if your project to qualify it can be any lace pattern or laceweight yarn from The Uncommon Thread. 

So far there have been many beautiful projects cast on and I have chosen the Crocus Shawl by Hiroko Folkmann Drost. I actually was a little cheeky and cast this on early as I was impatient to start knitting it. The Crocus Shawl is an Estonian Lace inspired shawl which I initially found very intimidating despite its beauty. I think I must have underestimated my skill level as knitting it is actually going really well and I shouldn't have been put off by how complicated it initially looked. I am working this up in Heavenly Cobweb, the new base that I included in the last update. It is supremely soft and despite having to knit Nupps and other such complicated lace, I am really enjoying this project. The only tricky part I found so far is cabling without a cable needle with the fine cobweb yarn. 

I have also been working on the Imogen Cowl, a beautiful design by Carrie Bostick Hoge. I am now starting it again having frogged as I messed it up in the beginning! I'm using Silky Merino fingering weight in the colourway 'Plata'.

I would be making excellent progress in this Knit-along if it were not the fact that I have put both projects on hold as I returned to knitting on the Never Ending Socks that I am pleased to report I have finished!

Why don't you come and join in?

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