Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cecilia Flori

There's been some lovely designs shared in our Ravelry group design thread and I noticed that a regular in our group, Ceciknits, has a few patterns using TUT yarns. I just had to share them here as they are really stylish and great single skein projects (You can see a recent FO from Ceci in this month's FO parade too- she's quite the knitter).

(c) Cecilia Flori
One project I know had been very popular since its creation is 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' which is available for free download on Ravelry. This is a medium size cowl with tiny folded edges and many 'suns' that are created through textured stitches. Ceci thinks that these suns will bring light to our lives in the cold and gray days to come and I couldn't agree more. The pattern calls for just one skein of fingering weight yarn so would be ideal for a treat or a stashbuster. Ceci's colourway is the beautifully warm 'Madras' and I think it's a great pick me up on the cold days we've been having here in the UK. 

(c) Cecilia Flori

Her other design, 'Displaced', is also available for download on Ravelry but this time is a paid for pattern. Displaced is a small asymmetric hat that is a cross between a slightly slouched beanie and a snug beret. The hat pattern includes suggestions for single color and multi-color versions as well as  suggested mods for a deeper crown and/or a more slouchy overall result. The pattern calls for one skein of Lush Worsted and is shown here in the 'Plata' colourway.

(c) Cecilia Flori

Both of the designs are wonderful Cecilia, thank you so much for featuring TUT yarns in your work. For more inspiration of what to do with your TUT skeins, check out the designs thread in the TUT Ravelry Group here.

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