Saturday, 18 February 2012

Testing, Testing

Recently I've been very lucky to be working with a new designer. I think she's very talented and I was thrilled to work on a test knit for her. The pattern is a lacy triangular shawl with a strong architectural feel. What's more, the shawl was designed to be knit in my yarn!

I used a base that I've been experiementing with and really enjoyed working through the pattern. It was made particularly helped by the 'Washi Tape' I have discovered. I think I'm in love! This is such a useful idea and great for knitters like me who want to be able to print patterns, fold them up and carry them about in a bag all day. The tape is really easy to use and you can peel it on and off your page easily to keep track of where you are in the pattern. It's great when you're using charts and it means that when you run for the bus, your place is never lost! I am definitely a Washi convert. 

Image Credit: Washi Tapes

Who is the designer? Well, you'll have to stay tuned for more news on that front.....


  1. Oh, you are really cruel to leave us without her name, and what about the yarn base??? ;)

    The pattern I am knitting or do not need to be followed too much, or I draw a lot on them so, I always know the point I am, because the sheet is white from there on...

  2. Great idea with the Washi Tape, off to search etsy to see if there are some cute colors to choose from! Any clue on the designer or base for the pattern....hmm might have to search the projects on Rav to find a clue : )